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We are on a mission to
Make B2B Digital

Orchestrate multiparty networks on The Common Cloud to unlock growth and profitability. We create simple and convenient cloud tools for multilevel connected commerce, online expos with personalized catalogs, CRM, CMS and social profiling.



It simplifies experiences, boosts agility, combines clean-data and sparks opportunities to accelerate growth

Business is not a solo sport - fates of businesses are increasingly interlinked

Rapid response, seamless efficiency, end-to-end visibility and on-the-go adaptability are the new competitive advantage

Get over the wasteful back and forth of silos

Traditional trade formats are outdated - slow, unresponsive, uncoordinated and opaque. Almost all B2B trade partners recognize the need to change, but are struggling to shift to more modern online methods of trade. Manual interfaces of order processing via phone calls, emails, fax, courier, spreadsheets etc. are clearly inefficient, cumbersome, error-prone and expensive. The process compounds rising complexities in the buy-sell processes. Employees on either side of the trade waste time chasing, matching and reconciling data instead of investing time to more strategic and value-add tasks.
Silos operate through inherently inefficient manual processes with duplicative back-n-forth in inter-party interfaces. Opaque and expensive silos slowdown business and breakdown scale with poor customer responsiveness - as this clearly lacks coordination and convenience. This leads to unavoidable rework, duplication and non-value-add tasks like manual data entry, line-level matching, data verifications etc.

Cloud & Products Overview

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Get People, Products and Companies Hyper-Connected for Hyper-Performance

Make B2B Digital - Get businesses closer and aligned. Link and sync businesses end-to-end with customers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and salesforce - and break the silos to avoid downsides of disjointed chains and networks.

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Online Tradeshows with Personalized Catalogs and 1:1 Contracts

Cloud campus with many online expos connecting people to opportunities and ideas around a digitized collection of brands and products with engaging content and networks. Linked networks with personalized multi-brand catalogs, 1:1 contracts and trade deals and leads.

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Multilevel Connected Commerce with Real-time End-to-end Visibility

Live visibility and agility with consistency - sustainably enhancing ease and speed of doing business. Reduce customer effort to gain retention and loyalty. Better decisions faster with clean channel data and chain analytics for improved profitability and assurance.

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Integrated CRM & SFA

Deploy natively integrated customer relationship management and sales force automation to multiply sales productivity and customer engagement. Nurture deeper customer connections. Double-triple-quadruple active selling time. Shift expensive sales time from admin and non-value-add activities to higher customer and sales time.

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Secure CMS & Smart Intranets

Know better, do better. Drive Clarity with Anytime Anywhere Content. Setup content on-demand for anytime anywhere access by people in-sites and on-the-go. Fit-to-purpose, set-in-context and select-to-share. Publish real-time updates. Democratize information to keep everyone on the same page - selective sharing for sensitive information.

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Social Profiling to Co-Create Context with Team Narrative

The WHY of anything is embedded in the broader context - any rational thinking mind wants to know that WHY to truly believe in something before making decisions or taking actions or extending support. Social posting and listening captures and collates team narrative - to profile common context for both deeper and big picture understanding.

Upholding the mission to get hyper-connected for hyper-performance the collection of products clubbed with the neutrality of The Common Cloud opens opportunities for growth and profitability along with seamless experience and super efficiency for any business to work with other companies.

Wide scope of applications on The Common Cloud

Embedded Applications

Core functionalities many systems rolled into ONE Common Cloud (click on image below to see in full screen).

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  • Hotlink Chains & Networks
  • Catalogs, Leads & Product Marketing
  • Harmonize Masters & Contracts
  • Pricing, Taxation & Discounts
  • Procure-to-Pay (Inbound)
  • Stock - Inventory & Consignment
  • Order-to-Cash (Outbound)
  • Data Visibility & Chain Analytics
  • SFA (Sales Force Automation)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Service & After Sales Support
  • Assets, Demos & Loaners
  • CMS
  • Profiler
  • Ticketing

Many systems rolled into ONE Common Cloud


Distribution Management System


Vendor Management System


Goods & Services Tax


Customer Relationship Management


Sales Force Automation


Order Management System


Master Management System


Product Information Management


Management Information System


Supply Chain Management


Content Management System


Customer Services System


Support Request Tickets Management


Assets, Demos & Loaners Management


After Sales Service Management


Warranty Management

Link and sync businesses end-to-end with customers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and salesforce - and break the silos to avoid downsides of disjointed chains and networks.
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