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We believe when you know better you do better.

With smarter ways to work and learn, people perform better. Content on-demand available on-the-go offers leverages to do better and do more. Access to common content fosters trust amongst teams and groups. Inclusion drives an empowered culture. Information drives contextual (big-picture) clarity. Democratized content strengthens shared beliefs and translates them into actions for greater progress. With smarter ways to align, people work-in-tandem with each other. Our cloud applications enable you to achieve this. As you and your team get smarter at what they do, business yields better and faster progress in line with your larger purpose.

Content is king. Collaboration is key. Live share of common content fosters cohesive thinking across people and groups - from top leaders to senior management to front-line staff; from people in office to field force on-the-go.

Talk to us to know more and explore how our content management solutions can make lasting improvements in your organization.

  • Anytime Anywhere Access
    On-the-go and on-demand democratization of content | Inclusion both perceived and proven
  • Simple to Create & Edit
    Usable by non-tech users
  • Curate for Purpose
    Fit to context | Flexible to organize as per custom needs | Easy to repurpose, reorder, recycle and reuse
  • Decide Who Sees What
    Selective access based on information sensitivity | Controlled access from user to user | Purpose driven sharing | Manage access rights easily | Separate circles for confidential information
  • Real Time Updates
    Publish instantly - edit and refresh to immediately release new content, latest updates and revised versions to everyone
  • Clean User Experience
    Professionally presented | Easy to navigate | Organized neatly | Quick search
  • Secure Platform
    Enterprise grade security | 128-bits encryption over HTTPS | Security checks on user interface | Role based access controls
  • Notesroom for Business
    Makes working together delightful. ABC Advantage ensures that there is one version available on self service to get everyone on the same page. Protect privacy and cultivate digital assets for repeated leverage.
  • Notesroom for Education
    Makes teaching and technology mutually reinforcing. Blend the two to sharpen learning. Boost student engagement, experience and performance. Protect privacy and cultivate digital assets for repeated leverage.