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Sales Entrepreneurs & Leaders Lab

We nurture sales entrepreneurs who are self-driven go-getters. Sales careers are at a tipping point of change.

Digitally closer - physically apart: With digital ways of connection and proximity selling is at a turning point. While avoiding travel time and costs, field trips are getting replaced with calls and screen-sharing. The social distancing norms may be a sudden jolt but the new normal is here to stay and it demands a very different approach to selling.

Rise of the freelance economy: Success in sales careers is steadily transforming into a professional practice model. It is now increasingly lucrative to give up the comfort and mindset of fixed salary as the success-based sales commission models become more popular and much more rewarding - ie shift from a sales employee to a sales entrepreneur. Rewards hugely exceed the risk with the added advantages of breaking the barriers -- with ownership of customer relationship combined with the freedom to sell portfolio of multiple brands and products.


Transforming young professionals (including freshmen) into skilled sales entrepreneurs with diverse opportunities and experiences. by working closely with senior leaders and industry professionals. Embark on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey to learn, experience, develop and hone sales skills like market research, sales targeting, customer outreach, lead generation, fishing and hunting methods, attention anchoring, making cold calls effective, engagement-based selling, opening and closing sales calls, objection handling, confidence building, exhibiting empathy to nurture lasting relationship, customer lifetime equity, commanding repeat business and share of wallet, digital platform, product selling, KOL/ influencer management, content marketing, customer relationship management and many more effective selling capabilities.


Young and energetic professionals with a passion for entrepreneurship - now or anytime in the future. Determination to venture, balanced risk-takers, entrepreneurial bent-of-mind; go-getters with a positive attitude; never-give-up perseverance, flexible, yet competitive and aggressive; good communication and inter-personal skills; prepared for round-the-year sales outreach requiring 24x7 service-orientation.

What We Do

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