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Wisely Scope the Integration


Prudence is in integrating essentials only
General tendency is to demand all that is possible. In technology, everything is possible. But the cost-benefit of everything is not always the best. When it comes to the scope of integration, our suggested philosophy is ‘essentials only’. Besides cost of integration the first time, it is withholding the cost of integration every time you upgrade or change your ERP.

High frequency high volume
Item masters may change frequently but are not the high volume - hence could be managed by a checklist-sync process. Primarily trade transaction involving orders management on both sell-side and buy-side need to be integrated. Subject requirements and context, if possible, stop at that.

New data points not workflows
Integrate points where new data is captured. No need to integrate sequential workflows. For instance, when you transfer order related data from the platform to your ERP, you can let the ERP process it on its own as if it was an input to it otherwise. This will reduce the integration effort and complexity.