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Shared Platform with Competitors


Hyper-connected digital business environment
Individual house owners share the neighbourhood with others and the city with many other inhabitants. Likewise in a hyper-connected digital world, participation on a shared platform unlocks possibilities like never before. Is it avoidable? The leverages are a source of substantial and sustainable business advantage, which if not deployed can be a serious competitive threat.

Our neutrality dilutes vulnerabilities
In addition to data security from a technology standpoint and no intent towards data misuse, our neutrality is a significant safeguard for every subscriber on the platform. Our transparency is reflected in many ways like everybody equal (one account template) and each one to itself (self-managed) - this translates and reinforces our neutrality in practice. Every account is self-managed with no external/admin override on controlling access rights or other business structures and actions.

One master agreement ensures fair play
Whether relativity to competitors, principal brand owners, resellers, distributors and dealers or any other business partner or a customer, the rules of the game are the same for every subscriber. Master agreement is like a common charter or a code of conduct or a book of rights and obligations in the shared service ecosystem.