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Solutions for Networks


Most businesses work with third-parties (distributors, stockists and other channel partners) to go-to-market. If a business does not own and control the end-to-end value chain, it is now increasingly compelled to exercise deep influence over every trade partner to seek alignment of intent and action with the common purpose of customer-centricity.

The brand promise links every company directly to its customers; but the brand experience is setup like a relay race across the chain of brand representatives in sales, distribution and service. Although expected to flow seamlessly like passing-the-parcel along, mostly it ends-up being a game of Chinese whisper. Rightly, the expectations from the brand transcend beyond the enterprise; across multilevel diverse and divergent networks, all the way to the end-customer. We help clients unify and orchestrate people and parties in the chain to work-in-tandem and attain excelled customer experiences, consistently.

In the information age, over decades, from mere bookkeeping systems to advanced ERP systems, processes and technology have been iteratively redefined to squeeze every drop of efficiency within the enterprise. Despite that the most efficient silos are not the winners, as ad-hoc external interfaces and manual handoffs are inherently wasteful and unreliable. Standalone enterprise efficiency needs to be complemented with relative multiparty efficiencies to leave no weak-links in the chain. Likewise, data is broken into siloes behind opaque enterprise boundaries. Reluctant and delayed sharing of data renders decision-making ineffective.

Evidently, it is important to take an outside-in view and execute strategies that actively shape and regulate the end-to-end value chain to consistently uphold customer experience and business excellence at the desired level. With our B2B services and solutions, we help clients overcome these challenges.

We digitally integrate networks in the distribution channel, procurement channel and the overall supply chain to enable collaboration between buyers and sellers. We replace manual and outdated processes with advanced multi-enterprise automation for all trade activities to become paperless, consistent and standardized. We make business seamless and build lasting alignment between business partners.

Our enterprise applications are designed to function in dual modes i.e. both SE (single-enterprise) and ME (multi-enterprise) modes. Even for a business using applications in SE-mode, the option remains active to instantly go digital in the ME-mode (at any time or even simultaneously with select business partners) to gain paperless efficiency, visibility, agility and host of other benefits of the digitally integrated network. Our as-a-service offering clubbed with pay-for-use model (based on transactional throughput) makes it a compelling choice for large, medium and small enterprises alike.


Business is not a solo sport. We work with others in our network. But does everyone work in tandem with others in the network? When we think of business automation, why do we restrict ourselves to ERPs? Why not go beyond enterprise systems and extend business automation across our business networks? We need to think, link and sync end-to-end. HX offers the means to make that happen for your business.