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Every business participates in many networks; to buy or to sell. And many such business networks overlap in an intertwined business ecosystem. Ultimate economics, experience and excellence depends on maximization of cross-enterprise synergies - when every business works-in-tandem with the larger ecosystem or to say the network-of-networks. Standardization delivers its true worth and customer experience emerges to the forefront as brands focus on their core business and administrative activities run hassle-free. Our exchange solutions and thought leadership offer capabilities to make that happen.


  • From function to cross-function; from enterprise to multi-enterprise; from network to ecosystem - as the interdependence at each level is orchestrated into seamless and smart-chains
  • Convergence opens doors for many new possibilities - for businesses transition from analog to digital is the new normal



  • Compared to one player from the sector, when multiple players join in, instead of network efficiency, we are then transforming the sector for efficiency at the ecosystem level
  • This makes it compelling for the customer to onboard and hence extends the upside to the next level of the chain
  • As a marketplace psychology ticks in, customers are always attracted to a cluster of suppliers in one place
  • Entire chain onboard translates into complete maximization



  • Multiple players starting the initiative triggers a wave effect that is highly inviting for other to join
  • Onboarding effort reduces
  • Every next party in the chain or with overlapping the trade context is attracted to join everyone



  • In the new economy competitors collaborate for mutual upside and for the overall sector upgrade/ reforms
  • Specially with newer ways of doing things, it is easier to do it together
  • The interdependence of the overlapping web of network chains
  • Change the game

Diluted product and price differentiation clubbed with low entry barriers are crowding many sectors with me-too products. Squeezing margins need scale to sustain. Also, every market territory has its own sector-specific nuances that need local knowhow and links to effectively manage and grow the business. Hence to optimize, distribution and downstream trade channels get consolidated across multiple brands. In this context, it is not uncommon for multi-brand distributors to operate many parallel computer systems connecting securely with each brand to handle their information sensitivities and policy protocols. This is highly inefficient for both brands and distributors; and for those dealing with them. Our platform is designed to overcome the complexities associated with overlapping and intertwined multi-brand trade networks. Our proprietary Tunneled Unit Level Integration Protocols (TULIP) allow firewalled sharing of brand-wise information from one distributor to each of the multiple brands without compromising data privacy of competitive information.

Similar to distribution channel and downstream trade networks, the cross-enterprise webs of overlapping networks operate in the buy-side as well, for vendors who supply to many in one sector.

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