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No one is traveling currently due to COVID-19. For cost reasons most businesses anyhow allow essential travel only. For this, alongside schedule clashes and many other reasons, most businesses and professionals do not participate in industry events. Online expo and digital events on Hotlink are the clear way forward.
By Hotlink

Digital is Anyhow the New Way - Enforced #WorkFromHome to #StaySafe in current times of COVID-19 is only an extension of the already shifting ways of the work-from-anywhere flexibility in the digital age. The difference is that the otherwise gradual optional shift is temporarily imposed - more so too suddenly. In all likelihood, this temporary phase will still make more permanent changes in the work order.

Not a Gap - Just a Shift in Ways of Doing Business - To make good of this period of slowdown and the resultant revenue loss, this period cannot be that of inaction. Instead the very immediate marketing response needed is to explore alternative action with lot more energy and smarter thinking. Marketing and sales teams need to be ultra smart to read between the lines and boost efforts towards digital ways to reach customers, boost brand visibility and effectively showcase products to continually spark customer interest and inquiries. More and more new leads must be continually generated and nurtured everyday while keeping current customers engaged - to clock billings in a burst the very moment this lockdown ends (like air gushing out from a high pressure cylinder). This is not a time to wait - it is a time to acquire a new set of capabilities and create opportunities while customers will readily offer more time and attention compared to their normal fire-fighting routines.

Online vs Physical Expo Events - Compared to traditional trade conferences, online expos offer many advantages. From limited time to round-the-year round-the-clock (365-24/7). From expensive participation (high travel costs involved) to economical inclusion. From scheduling clashes to anytime anywhere access. From rushed interactions and introductions to freely discovering connections globally. From tiring overload to high focus and attention. From limited speaker slots to welcoming influencers to share freely.