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We are on a mission to
Make B2B Digital

Orchestrate multiparty networks on The Common Cloud to unlock growth and profitability. We create simple and convenient cloud tools for multilevel connected commerce, online expos with personalized catalogs, CRM, CMS and social profiling.
Connected Enterprise is a Seamless Business that operates and competes as Coordinated Networks (not as a standalone company) for sustained higher performance.

Your company is just one part of your business. Besides back, middle and front office, it is important to link and sync with the external partners (beyond the four walls of the company) to boost growth and profitability. With an ecosystem mindset, progressive businesses actively shape and regulate the working of business networks; dramatically improving their own performance in the process.

Multiparty alignment (across sales, distribution, customer, sourcing, supply chain and service networks) activates collective capabilities to gain and retain customers; and to sharpen the competitive edge. Hyper-connected businesses outdo less-connected rivals as they leverage the 4 pillars of multiparty alignment: (a) Synergy - collaboration for higher reliability, (b) Agility - real-time triggers for higher responsiveness, (c) Visibility - end-to-end data-driven for better decisions faster, and (d) Experience - ease of doing business for customer delight.

After all…

Business is not a solo sport

Interfacing and working with others (customers, distributors, suppliers etc.) is as an integral part of doing business. Value chains (and encompassed supply chains) are complex ecosystems with networks of interrelated interdependent businesses, functions and people collaborating with each other to deliver business value.

No business is an island

Business cannot dwell within its own walls. Fate of every business is increasingly linked to that of many other businesses, all of which must connect and collaborate effectively in order for each to thrive. More than ever before, success now depends on leveraging capabilities of the overall network.


Opportunities & Threats

Businesses operate and compete as chains and networks (not as companies)


Need to Remove the Silos

Silos are expensive and consuming speed-breakers - with no place in this fast-paced interconnected world.


Multiparty Cloud Platform

Get People, Products and Companies Hyper-Connected for Hyper-Performance

Connected Enterprise :: Capabilities

6 Integrated Networks

Integrated Salesforce

Empower every sales rep with live status tracking, CRM tools and more


Integrated Distribution

Map all distributors and their sub-distributors, dealers and retailers


Integrated Customer

Gain and retain customers with a direct link that offers superior experience and higher value


Integrated Sourcing

Link distributors along with their principal suppliers across cross-sector purchasing


Integrated Supply Chain

Map all stocking points and branches - both internal and third-party


Integrated Service

Track installed base of sold capital goods along with the lifecycle of warranty/AMC and service claims/requests

6 Online Tools

Expo with Live Product Showcase & Portfolio Organiser

Up-to-date product information presented in a contextually relevant fit-for-purpose product classification


Marketing Content, Campaigns & Promotions

Engage customers and endusers by publishing the latest; with exciting deals and convenient Q&A interfaces


One-to-one Commerce

Every B2B trade has its own unique commercial terms - personalize contracts with each trade partner, handling transactional exceptions, credit, part-shipments and more


Harmonized & Unified Multilevel Clean Data

From item master to transactional records to inventory management and more, single-data-point on the common multiparty platform makes life easy, avoids wasteful reconciliation efforts and nurtures trust


Combined Chain Analytics

Clean data from end-to-end channels translates into more holistic insights to make better decisions faster


Secure Network Portals

On-demand secure content with useful resources and support tickets for the 6 integrated networks and more

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